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20% of EU Operators on target to launch Local Breakout Roaming Services by Summer 2014

20% of EU Operators on target to launch Local Breakout Roaming Services by Summer 2014

Reports, from leading EU Roaming Solutions provider Tango Telecom, indicate that at least 20% of EU operators will launch local breakout services for data roaming by the end of August 2014

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 12th February 2013:   Early indications are that at least 20% of the European Union’s 100 plus operators will go live with Local Breakout Solutions for Inbound Data Roaming Capture by August 2014, according to policy and charging control market leader, Tango Telecom.  Local Breakout for Inbound Data Roaming Services is permissable under the EU Roaming III regulation and enables operators to proactively attract inbound roamers to their networks.

Nigel Portley, Product Strategist, Tango Telecom, explains: “The current EU legislation opens up the previously unaddressable market of the inbound roamer for EU operators and they are enthuastic about the very positive business case.  With trials and proof of concepts well underway throughout the EU28, we estimate that 20% of EU operators will have launched local breakout solutions by the end of Summer 2014.  The business case speaks for itself with well over 300 million Europeans travelling each year to destinations within the continent.  Currently, 94% limit their mobile data usage and nearly half of respondents don’t use it at all when travelling in another country of the 28-nation bloc according to a recent Eurobarometer survey.  By turning these reluctant and dormant roamers into active ones, first to market EU operators have a real opportunity to capture the lionshare of this lucrative inbound roaming market.”

Tango Telecom’s Cloud LBO provides mobile operators with the ideal solution, offering a turnkey all inclusive service designed to plug into any network without the need for complex integration.  In a market, where regulation is driving revenues down, Tango Telecom’s Cloud LBO is a secure low cost, low resource solution that enables EU operators to defer the pending losses in roaming revenues quickly and cost-effectively and with maximum return on their investment.

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