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Cloud-based Data Roaming Services launched

Tango Telecom’s Cloud-based Data Retail Engine to revolutionise the data roaming market.

Limerick, Ireland, 28th January 2016:  Tango Telecom, (www.tangotelecom.com), a leading provider of Data Monetisation Solutions, today announced the launch of cloud-based Data Roaming Services, enabling mobile operators to offer innovative roaming services including highly flexible data roaming plans, sponsored data roaming and silent roamer campaigns in addition to bill-shock prevention.  Powered by Tango Telecom’s Data Retail Engine, the Tango DRE™, and available globally through Tango Telecom’s partner network, this cloud-based Software-as-a-Service offering enables operators to quickly trial and launch new revenue generating roaming services with minimum effort regardless of their existing infrastructure. 

The proven solution addresses mobile subscribers’ appetite for advanced real-time data roaming plans and services and in turn protects operators' roaming revenues from SIM-swapping and Wi-Fi usage.  Real-time data roaming plans can be created on-the-fly in a matter of minutes and based on duration, volume, location, subscriber type, application, etc.  The plans are then available to roamers for immediate on-device purchase and real-time activation. 

The cloud-based solution can be coupled with Tango Telecom’s Real-time Campaign Manager to enable the creation and launch of silent roamer campaigns which identify silent and low-usage roamers in real-time and encourage data usage through compelling and context-aware roaming packages.

“By removing operators’ dependence on legacy domestic policy systems, our cloud-based Data Roaming Services, coupled with our market-leading Real-time Campaign Manager, are empowering our customers to offer proactive subscriber-centric roaming plans and services and to deliver personalised context-aware campaigns and promotions.  Our SaaS solution ensures that our customers are successfully driving roaming usage and revenues along with increasing overall subscriber satisfaction in a matter of weeks by enhancing their service propositions and removing the traditional barriers to mobile roaming data usage and promotion,” explains Mayoor Mahendra, CCO, Tango Telecom.

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