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Cloud-based Real-time Engagement to revolutionise MVNO market

Limerick, Ireland, 14th September 2016:  Tango Telecom, a leading provider of Data Monetisation Solutions for evolving networks, today launched the latest version of its Real-time Engagement Solution aimed at the MVNO market in Europe.  The new version combines real-time contextual marketing capabilities with actionable analytics in a single cloud-based interface, enabling European MVNOs to launch real-time engagement campaigns at the push of a button, extremely fast and at very low cost. 

The cloud-based offering means that European MVNOs can be ready to go to market in a matter of days using our 3 easy steps to market with no disruption to existing infrastructure.  Tango Telecom’s award-winning solution recommends relevant data plans and services in immediate response to real-time subscriber actions, profile information and preferences ensuring the highest possible offer uptake.  The Real-time Engagement Solution enables operators to:

  • deliver an exceptional experience to subscribers by offering compelling, personalised experiences that speak directly to them
  • never again miss a key monetisation opportunity by automating engagement throughout the subscriber lifecycle from onboarding to loyalty and retention
  • ensure the highest conversion rates by eliminating irrelevant communication
  • offer a superior on-device experience by allowing subscribers to control everything from their device in real-time from purchase and activation of new offers to updating preferences and account information

“Operators world-wide are using our Real-time Engagement solution to deliver choice, flexibility and visibility to their and are rewarded with increased mobile data usage, monetised subscriber engagements and increased loyalty.  Our customers are experience x6 increases in offer conversion rates and over 25% increase in average spend per subscriber.  MVNOs have a real and unique opportunity to become a disruptive force in their respective market but traditional campaign management solutions lack the real-time functionality needed to drive successful real-time engagement.  If your subscriber runs out of data, the time to send him or her a personalised offer is NOW, not in 2 weeks, 2 days or even 2 minutes.  With Tango Telecom’s cloud-based solution, operators can surprise and delight subscribers by turning every real-time engagement opportunity into a lasting impression, " explains Jim McGlade, European sales Director, Tango Telecom

The ground-breaking Real-time Engagement Solution is a key component of the Tango Data Retail Engine (Tango DRE™) which successfully drives service innovation and service velocity for operators worldwide.  The solution was awarded the Best Policy-Based Data Analytics Implementation at the 2016 Policy Control Awards and is available on a try and buy basis across Europe.

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