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    Powering the messaging evolution

Powering the messaging evolution

iAX™ SMS is a next generation virtualised messaging platform from Tango Telecom which includes features such as Direct Delivery, Charging, Flexible Store and Forward, SMS Anti-Spam and SMS Value Added Services such as Auto-Reply and Sponsored SMS. 

Our fully virtualised solution can be deployed as a standard SMSC, as an adjunct SMSC with direct delivery or as a cloud-based SMSC providing a modular set of features based on the proven world class iAX™ platform. iAX™ SMS offers simultaneous support for legacy and IP technologies to extend messaging services over IP networks by interworking with legacy SMS services via the standards based IP-SM-GW function.

  • Proven, scalable, high-performance virtualised messaging solution with proven throughput of over 100,000 MDAs
  • Feature-rich supporting FDA, store and forward, application routing, home routing, legal intercept and diameter interface


Virtualisation and cloud deployment options

Tango Telecom’s entire Next Generation Messaging portfolio has been virtualised and tested in the most common standard virtualised environments, and the “cloud overhead” has been found to be small: on a single current-generation 2-CPU/12-core blade, the virtualised messaging solution delivers in excess of 14,000 SMS/second.

Unlike those solutions that are merely virtualised when ported into the cloud, Tango Telecom’s solutions fully integrate with the cloud supervision system (e.g. IBM® PureFlex™, Amazon EC2®, etc.) allowing the full potential and flexibility of the cloud model to be realised.  The solutions scale automatically and dynamically across available cloud resources to meet the real-time demand.


Record-breaking SMS delivery benchmark

Based on Oracle’s Sun Blade X6270 M2 servers and iAX™, Tango Telecom’s next generation messaging platform achieved sustained performance of over 10,000 message delivery attempts (MDA) per second. The benchmark report shows that the iAX™ platform demonstrated unprecedented scalability to over 100,000 MDA/s from a single Sun Blade server chassis.

In 2010, the global annual SMS traffic was in the region of 6.5 trillion messages. To put this truly phenomenal benchmark in context, just a few Sun servers, fully equipped and running the iAX™ next-generation messaging software, could potentially handle SMS traffic for the entire world’s population.





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