Tango Telecom Ltd. Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the European Union citizen’s fundamental right to privacy and the protection of their personal data.  This Data Privacy Policy sets out how Tango Telecom Ltd, including all its subsidiaries and branches, complies with GDPR requirements.

Tango Telecom Ltd. collects and processes information by which individuals can be identified (“Personal Data”).  Tango Telecom Ltd. will only process this information in accordance with GDPR. 


Tango Telecom Ltd. has implemented appropriate physical, electronic and organisational procedures to safeguard and secure the Personal Data collected.

What Personal Data is collected by Tango Telecom Ltd.

Tango Telecom Ltd. collects and processes information including but not limited to, Personal Data of past, current and prospective customers and their representatives, employees and job candidates, partners, individuals who agree to participate in market research and website users (collectively referred to in this policy as “Individuals”):

Tango Telecom Ltd. collects information such as the name, company, title and email addresses of Individuals who request information materials from Tango Telecom Ltd., and individuals engaged in services offered by Tango Telecom Ltd.  From individuals seeking employment with Tango Telecom Ltd., information such as the name, telephone, email address and CV including employment history and information is collected

Tango Telecom Ltd. obtains information about the business contacts, including name, title, full address, telephone, fax number, date of arrival, copy of passport and/or passport number, citizenship (when a welcome letter for the visa application is needed) and email address.

In certain situations, we will collect other data, including birth date and birth place, gender, education, occupation, employment history and information, information about activities, citizenship, visa information, identification numbers, financial situation, account numbers, family information, banking details, compensation and payroll information, leave of absence information, dependents or beneficiaries (including name, address, email and phone), emergency contacts, background check information, food preferences and allergies and health information.

Data provided by Individuals is collected and processed to meet legal obligations, to fulfil agreements, or if it is in our legitimate interest to handle, or if the Individual explicitly has given their consent to specific use of their data.  We will always provide information on how data will be used at point of capture or by other means if the data is provided by third parties.  


Except where a business transaction is concerned, Tango Telecom Ltd. will communicate with you only where consent is given.  Tango Telecom Ltd. tracks consent to all forms of communications and you may review or revoke this consent at any time.  Every edition of a newsletter and/or email-based marketing communications offers a quick unsubscribe link.

Tango Telecom Ltd will not sell or lease Individuals’ Personal Data to third parties.

Tango Telecom Ltd. may share Personal Data with authorised vendors, agents and representatives, including direct marketing agents, travel agents and insurance providers. Data processors to Tango Telecom Ltd. will be contractually committed to process information in accordance with the provisions of European data protection legislation.

Retention and deletion

Tango Telecom Ltd will not retain data longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or as required by applicable laws or regulations.

Right to update, correct, or request Personal Data

In accordance with GDPR and other applicable data protection laws, Individuals are entitled to exercise their privacy rights as an Individual.  This includes but is not limited to requesting details regarding the Personal Data that Tango Telecom Ltd. holds and/or processes about them as well as requesting that incorrect or incomplete information to be corrected.

Changes to privacy policy

Tango Telecom Ltd. may use Personal Data for new, unanticipated uses not previously disclosed in this policy.  However, such new processing will always be compatible with the purpose for which the Personal Data was collected.  If its practices regarding Personal Data change at some time in the future, Tango Telecom Ltd. will post the policy changes at http://www.tangotelecom.com/privacy.html.

Contact details of the Data Compliance Team 

Any data subject may, at any time, contact our Data Compliance Team directly with all questions and requests concerning personal data and data protection. Please contact us at dct@tangotelecom.com.

Trademark information

The Tango Telecom logo, iAX™ , Making Data Pay™ and the Tango DRE™ are registered trademarks of Tango Telecom Ltd.  Third party trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.