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    monetise every subscriber interaction with real-time ENGAGEMENT

Monetise every subscriber engagement
with contextual real-time campaigns

Our Real-time Engagement solution enables operators to create and send engaging campaigns to highly targeted subscriber segments using multiple delivery channels (APP, USSD, SMS, Email, MMS).  Operators can engage with their subscribers at optimal cross-selling and upselling opportunities including reaching a low balance, trying to access a new service, arriving at a particular location and at times of high or low usage. 

Tango Telecom’s Real-time Engagement solution automates the process of selecting and delivering targeted offers and promotions: ensuring that the right offer always reaches the right subscriber at the right time. 

When every subscriber engagement is contextual and relevant, the operator benefits from increased service adoption, better service monetisation and increased subscriber loyalty.

  • Create and send interactive campaigns in MINUTES using our intuitive campaign designer
  • Monitor the effectiveness of individual campaigns with smart reporting
  • Use our Actionable Analytics on subscriber trends, usage patterns and behaviours to create insightful automated campaigns
  • Interact with subscribers in real-time at optimal revenue generating opportunities including monetising existing notifications, reinvigorating low and no usage subscribers, increasing Net Promoter® scores, dynamic discounting for data and plan optimisation​

The Tango Telecom Real-time Engagement is a key application of the Tango DRE™ and is fully virtualised and cloud-available globally, enabling operators to benefit today from the many advantages of network functions virtualisation (NFV).



Right offer to the right subscriber at the right time - every time!

  • Create and launch precision marketing campaigns in minutes using the intuitive designer with support for multiple delivery channels (APP, USSD, SMS, Email, MMS).  Insert offers and promotions in existing notifications such as end of call and balance query
  • Create real-time context triggers to initiate offers at the optimal moment
  • Collect raw data from multiple external sources including BI systems, CRM solutions and process and analyse the data in real-time
  • Automatically match the most relevant offers to each subscriber in real-time
  • Automate the provisioning for new plans and services , providing subscribers with the ability to immediately purchase and activate new offers
  • Monitor campaign and plan effectiveness and continuously refine and improve offers, promotions and campaigns.  Learn the behaviour and preferences of individual subscribers and build deeper subscriber profiles
  • Open up new revenue streams by offering access to enterprises to enable them to maximise their marketing effectiveness
  • Fully virtualised and cloud-available globally, benefit today from the many advantages of network functions virtualisation (NFV)