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    Personalised interactive on-device experience at home and while roaming

Streamline and accelerate service delivery

Tango Telecom's USSD solution is the ideal service delivery channel for interactive subscriber-centric services such as account enquiries, self-care, selling of new services and content, service discovery, activation and purchase, and other value-added services.

iAX™ USSD Gateway is quick and cost-effective to deploy, enabling the launch of innovative and interactive revenue generating services and applications compatible with 100% market reach.  Our solution includes a web-based Service Creation Environment for the fast and efficient creation of services by the operator or by 3rd party content providers.

  • Improve subscriber experience and competitive edge through increased choice, easier service and content discovery and streamlined service delivery
  • Faster time-to-market for the delivery of new enhanced services
  • Easily sell new services, plans and content to all subscribers - immediate mass-market reach
  • Upsell mobile data plans and services and enable on-device plan purchase and activation - drive data monetisation
  • Reduce costs with a single platform for flexible and simple service delivery

Powerful monetisation tool

  • Highly scalable and proven solution deployed in Tier 1 networks globally
  • Fast deployment with virtually no impact on existing infrastructure
  • Fully compliant with USSD Phase 1 & Phase 2
  • Web-based USSD Service Menu Builder
  • Supports creation and customisation of USSD menu structures and related content
  • Allows integration with external USSD service platforms
  • Offers a wide range of Off-the-shelf USSD-based services including Account Management (Balance Recharge, Balance Query, Balance Transfer etc, Information/Content Services, Roaming – USSD Call-Back
  • Integration with voucher management platforms for recharge services
  • Integration with external content platforms for services with dynamic content (e.g. information services, content services)
  • Open Service Creation Environment
  • Flexible real-time charging and billing options